Foxy Red Hatters


The Foxy Red Hatters met for lunch at Claire’s At The Depot in Warrenton, VA on 04-23-2015. For more information, see:

The Foxy Red Hatters shared news about themselves:

  1. *JoAnn is excited about grandchildren coming for a visit this summer. She talked about Staunton visit last night. She helped Janice Dillman prepare a recipe called “Blue Cheese Crostini with Balsamic-Roasted Grapes” from Southern Living. The recipe can be found at:

  2. *Kristi was home for spring break from teaching in Boston. She returns on Saturday.

  3. *Josephine will retire on May 31.

  4. *Bettina continues to visit with Josephine, and exercise three times a week.

  5. *Frances explained about rewiring the whole house. Her family had to downsize because the attic needed to be empty before rewiring could be done.

  6. *Nancy talked about her granddaughter, Amelia, going home to Texas for the summer.

  7. *Elaine talked about “graduating” to regular shoes (Skechers) after wearing slippers and large sneakers since last summer. She also asked for recommendations on where to eat in July, which was her month.

  8. *Pat explained about Jim’s doctor visits and knee replacement surgery. She also talked about house still on the market.

  9. *Nancye mentioned that she found a condo to rent in the Tysons area.

  10. *Carolyn talked about her experience with putting her house on the market. Also, this luncheon is Carolyn’s last one as she is moving to Colorado on 04-30-2015. Josephine treated Carolyn to a birthday dessert.

  11. *Pat provided an update on Billie and Ross Kidwell, who now need 24/7 supervision. Their daughters are looking into assistive living facilities for them.

At end, Nancy presented a Thank-You card to Pat (with a gift card). Pat was surprised, and wanted to thank everyone for this.

Claire’s At The Depot on 04-23-2015