Foxy Red Hatters


The Foxy Red Hatters met at Grafton Street Restaurant and Irish Pub in Gainesville, VA on 03-15-2015. For more information, see:

Our waiter, Scott, knows a little ASL, because of his guy friend’s Deaf girlfriend. He told Tom that he enjoyed serving us.

Pat Beech, Carolyn Willis, and Frances Marzolf couldn’t join us due to their commitments. Eve Christian subbed for Pat. Kerry O’Rahilly-Mike was a guest of Bettina.

Bettina’s hostess gift for all was a Shamrock shower gel. Josephine’s gift for all was a mini Shamrock cupcake to celebrate Nancy’s birthday in January and Linda’s birthday in March. Kerry’s gift to all was a combination of homemade Shamrock butter cookies and ILY candy in sticks (ILY candies were left over from her daughter’s baby girl shower last week). Kerry’s granddaughter “Clare Anne” was born on March 6th (8 lb. 3 oz.). The name “Clare” is Irish!

Everyone enjoyed the wonderful lunch and special treats. Nancy didn’t like her lamb burger because it had too much herb. However, her brownie dessert was really a jumbo size! That probably made up for lunch.

Tom had Buffalo Blue-Cheese Burger. Robert had Pan Roasted Atlantic Salmon.

Grafton Street Restaurant and Irish Pub on 03-13-2015