Foxy Red Hatters


The Foxy Red Hatters met at the Bergner House @ 12:30PM on 01-09-2014. We celebrated 2014 with Mimosa drinks. Bettina gave us a tour of the house so we could see the Christmas decorations. We had a fabulous lunch and great time socializing. Thanks to Josephine and Tom for hosting this. The Luncheon Menu included:

Bisque Tomato Soup

Egg muffins:

  1. *Four-colored peppers/onions/herbs with cheddar toppings

  2. *Broccoli/green onions with cheddar toppings

  3. *Spinach with cheddar toppings

Sliced ham

Swedish meatballs with cranberry relish jam and sour cream dip

Cherry tomatoes stuffed minced spinach/pianola nuts/cheese/basalmic

Green salad with dressing

Sliced toasted French bread and Ciabatta bread



Bergner House on 01-09-2014