Deaf Red Hatters


Awesome Red Hatters of Maryland hosted a Tri-Chapter Luncheon at Hellas Restaurant [] in Millersville, MD. There were 23 ladies. The Queen Mothers are: Awesome Red Hatters - Julia Bosworth, Proud Primroses - Agnes Sutcliffe, and Foxy Red Hatters - Josephine Bergner.

Julia started the program with Greetings and Introductions. Jo Lensler gave grace before lunch. After lunch, Nancy Kensicki presented Deaf Red Hat History. Diana Wagner signed a poem called “God Bless Us Red Hatters,” a song created by Nancy Rarus and inspired by Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” [].

Carolyn Pyles was in charge of the Prize Awards. Agnes Sutcliffe discussed about next year’s Tri-Chapter Luncheon. Julia Bosworth gave the closing remarks.


Tri-Chapter Luncheon on 11-11-2015