Deaf Red Hatters


Foxy Red Hatters hosted a Tri-Chapter Luncheon at  J. Gilbert’s Restaurant [] in McLean, VA. There were 32 ladies. The Queen Mothers are: Foxy Red Hatters - Josephine Bergner, Awesome Red Hatters - Julia Bosworth, and Proud Primroses - Agnes Sutcliffe.

Josephine started the program with Greetings and Introductions. Carolyn Willis gave grace before lunch. After lunch, Josephine explained how the name “Foxy Red Hatters” got its name []. She explained the mission, and listed five important words - FUN, FRIENDSHIP, FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT, and FITNESS []. Nancy Rarus signed a poem called “God Bless Us Red Hatters”, inspired by Irvin Berlin’s God Bless America [].

Next on the agenda were Chapter Highlights:

Foxy Red Hatters []

  1. * Butterfly Exhibit called “Wings of Fancy” in Wheaton [], and lunch at Normandie Farms Restaurant in Potomac, MD []

  2. *Miss Rivershore Charter in Occoquan, VA [] and lunch at Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant in Dumfries, VA]

  3. *Tea Luncheon and Tour of House One at Gallaudet []

  4. *Hollywood Casino & Epic Buffet in Charles Town, WV []

  5. *Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in The Plains [], and lunch at the Rail Stop Restaurant []

  6. *PLUS Christmas gatherings at Clyde’s in Ashburn [], and the $1.00 gifts for everyone (changed to $2.00 gifts for this year)

Awesome Red Hatters []

  1. *Cheesecake Factory at Maryland Live! Casino [ ]

  2. *The Picantillo Mexican Restaurant []

  3. *The Greene Turtle []

  4. *La Fontaine Bleue []

  5. *Mi Publix Mexican Restaurant to celebrate June Manoogian’s 92nd birthday

Proud Primroses of MD [ and]

  1. *Bed and Breakfast in Berkeley Springs, WV

  2. *Gladchuck German Restaurant in Frederick, MD [], and Christmas Shopping in Downtown Frederick (with spouses in December)

  3. *Tour of House One at Gallaudet, and lunch at Bistro in Kellogg Conference Center

  4. *Tour of White House in December [], and lunch at Old Ebbitt Grill []

  5. *Visited different museums, such as Wax Museum [], Newseum [], Hillwood Estates []

JoAnn Pelarski told several jokes [ and].

  1. 1.Women’s Revenge

  2. 2.Understanding Women

  3. 3.Who Does What

  4. 4.We Have our Priorities!

Linda Whitworth announced the winner of the Red Hat Prize was Melinda Padden []. The Prize was a Red Hat cookie cutter.

Frances Marzolf did the closing and announcements []. She said that the Red Hat Luncheon during the DSA conference in 2015 will be on August 25. She passed on a message from Elaine Shaffer, one of the Foxy Red Hatters.

Photos, videos, and notes were taken by Patricia Beech.

Tri-Chapter Luncheon on 11-06-2014