Farewell Party for Kenny


NVRC on 06-09-2013


A farewell party for Kenny Hynes was held at NVRC on 06-09-2013. Committee members were: Lois Herberger, Mary Malzkuhn, Nancy Rarus, Carolyn Willis, and Pat Beech.

Quiz was on “How Well Do you Know Kenny?”.

  1. 1.Where was she born?

  2. 2.Where has she lived longest?

  3. 3.How many brothers and sisters does she have?

  4. 4.Name one of the schools for the deaf Kenny attended.

  5. 5.Identify at least two exotic animals Kenny has had for a pet.

  6. 6.What breed dogs did she have in Virginia?

  7. 7.Names of her current dogs.

  8. 8.From where did she retire?

  9. 9.Kenny has traveled extensively. Name as many countries as you can.

  10. 10.Kenny has volunteered for many organizations. Name as many as you can. if not organizations, list what she has volunteered to do.

  11. 11.Kenny can be picky. What food(s) is she picky about?

  12. 12.Will Kenny eat leftovers?

  13. 13.What will she always ask for when eating out?

  14. 14.What are Kenny’s favorite colors?

  15. 15.What colors do you think are best on Kenny?

  16. 16.What is her favorite board and/or card game?

  17. 17.What did she major in at Gallaudet?